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The Sun Award: Cometstar Wins Manufactural of the Year Award

The Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Cometstar Nigeria Limited, Chief Uzochukwu Uduji, has described The Sun Awards as great and outstanding., saying that it means much to him.

Speaking at his factory in Agbara, Ogun State, when The Sun Publishing Limited team, led by the Editor, Saturday Sun, Mr. Bruce Malogo, presented a letter formally notifying him of his award as The Sun Manufacturer of the Year 2014, Uduji said he was excited and overwhelmed as recognition for outstanding performance does not come easy.

“Being recognised by The Sun shows that we are a great player in our sector,” he said.

According to the industrialist, The Sun didn’t make a mistake in announcing him as Manufacturer of the Year 2014 because, “last year, I won Entrepreneurship Award from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Apart from that, I have received many awards, some, I accepted and others I rejected. This one from The Sun is outstanding and I will remain ever grateful.”

He said the award would impact positively on his company and its products, as people from all over country and beyond have been calling to congratulate him on the award, which they described as a grate feat.

“The award means a lot; it shows that our products belong to the best category, which will translate to more sales and businesses. This year, we also received ISO Award; when a company is certified by ISO, it means that it is no more one-man show; it shows that the company is following due process,” Uduji said.

His family, friends, associates as well as well-wishers, he said, are eagerly waiting to join in the celebration on January 17, 2015 when the award will be formally presented.

“I’m expecting a huge crowd because it is not an easy thing to be recognised by a great brand like The Sun. The award is not a joke; it is special. Anybody who reads The Sun knows the caliber of people that are giving the awards. This means that anybody given such an award is also recognised anywhere. Not every award is acceptable, but that of The Sun is great and I appreciate it,” Uduji emphasised.

On The Sun, the business mogul said: “I will describe the paper as my daily guide, since it is a must-read for me everyday. Anything I do, I always carry it along, because it is widely read, as you can get it in any village in the country. I identify with The Sun.”