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Cometstar Manufacturing Company Limited is a member of Cometstar Group. It was founded in 1983 but was formally incorporated on the 25th day of February, 2005. 

The conceptualization of the diversification of Cometstar Group into a manufacturing industry came after the 2004 ISO convention. Since then, we have grown to be a giant in the cable manufacturing industry in Africa with the best quality wires and cables.



To ethically and profitably manufacture and market electric wires, cables, and accessories of high national and international standards such as NIS, BS, and IEC; at affordable prices and by so doing satisfy the needs and aspirations of all our stakeholders, customers, our operating environment, employees, and shareholders

To manufacture and sell electric wires, cables, and cable accessories of the highest quality that ensures the satisfaction of customers at competitive prices

To be committed to necessary systems and procedures that conform to Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS), IES, and ISO9001: 2008 QMS International Standards’ Specifications  

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