Company History

Cometstar Group is a group of leading industrial & manufacturing companies with interests in electrical cable manufacturing, gas production, and mineral processing. Its headquarters is on Awolowo Road in Ikoyi, Lagos state, Nigeria.

The Group grew from Cometstar Manufacturing Company Limited – the pioneer company first founded in 1983. For about 22 years, the company traded, sold, and distributed over 600 electrical products.

In 2004 – just after the CEO attended the ISO convention in Buenos Aires, Argentina – he conceptualized the diversification into manufacturing of wires and cables, leading to the incorporation of Cometstar Manufacturing Company Limited in 2005.

The Group’s first venture into manufacturing was in 2006 with the production of electrical cables under the trademark Cometstar Wire and CableTM, its most notable brand in the Nigerian market.

Over the years, Cometstar Group has diversified into industrial gas and mineral processing.

Offering Inventive and Eco-Friendly Solutions

Since 2005, our electrical cables division has consistently been one of Nigeria’s leading manufacturers of high-quality electrical wire and cable for several uses and applications.; serving an impressive list of long-term clients in several industries.