Mission and Vision

MIssion and Vision

Organizational Goals

Strategic objectives guiding our journey towards success and growth.
Our Mission

To ethically and profitably manufacture and market electric wires, cables and accessories at affordable prices to the satisfaction of our customers with an absolute commitment to quality.

Our Vision

To be pacesetters in electric wires and cable making in Nigeria, breaking new grounds into West Africa and beyond.

Why Choose Us?
Cometstar Wires and Cables is committed to manufacturing consistent quality wires and cables that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We ensure continual improvement of our processes and services delivery through staff development, motivation and creation of a conducive work environment towards achieving utmost customer satisfaction.

We stay true to our words.

We commit to the highest standards of manufacturing and production.

We proactively commit to continually moving forward with new products, new services, and new ways of doing business.

Like a well-oiled machine, we work together to achieve our agreed goals and objectives.

We can be trusted to provide value for money.